Thursday, May 12, 2011

FarmVille Scam Alert. Please Report These Scams and their maker.

Please Report these scam pages and the makers of most of them. Here is a list of the scam pages and fake pages over the last month or so. If you don’t report the makers they can just keep making new ones. He is the one making these sites and groups and sending out fake gifts to trick you into getting on their page.

Farm King - Maker

Here is a list of some of the scam pages over the last month or so. Please report all by clicking on each link, once on their page, scroll down and on the left of the page you will see report. Please take them time to report all.

Here is a list of all his pages that you can report.
You will have to go threw all these your self and report the one's that are scams and fake pages, there are a few that are real, there were just to many to list them all one at a time.

FarmVille, Trading center of farmville items-v2.o, Private FB-Helpdesk for games, QUELLI DI FARMVILLE, Duty_Free Rare Foals & Rare calves.,!, FarmVille Maniacs- v2.0, Farmvilli breeders, Ron's Farm Art, Contest Club+Rare foals & Rare calves, Farmville Mates Unite, Farmville breeders, Naman Dhall (Farmville), Zynga_CS, (Farmville ultimate sharing planet), Farmville Horse's, Farmville bonus, Farmville Bonus, Farmville, Farmville Free Baby Lambs And Other Items, Everything For Farmville, Farmville sharings, Farmville Universal Traders, Farmville All News, Manchester United Fans, Farmville Legendzz, Actve, FarmVille Daily Rewards, big fan of lionel messi, Farmville Contest For Super Items, Farmville Master Farmers, Internet Explorer India, Contest for farmville items, Farmville Pink Stallion And Contest For Farm Cash, Internet Explorer, Breeder's World, Farmville Breeders Unite, Farmville Best Breeders - v3.0, Texas Hold'em Poker, WAR Against Corruption, Farmville Masters, Friends Ville, Farmville Super Players, Mini Black Stallion, Farmville Breeders, Anything For Farmville, Farmville Fans, Free farmville stuffs (F.F.S), Farmville ITEM Sharing,, Farmville Special Stuff (v2.0), ~Stallion Lovers v2.0~, Facebook for Websites, Farmville all stuff, Farmville Wish List of Rare Foals and Calves, Farmville Royal Horse Riders, Farmville piglets sharing, hahahhahhahhahahhahhaha ahahhahahahaha hahahha ahhaha ha... wait... what??, Tata Docomo, Farmville-The Best Help, Farmville Legends, Farmville Sheep Trading Point, Farmville Trading,Breeding & Contests, Heads Up for Kids, Farmville Loverz., Foals and calf sharing, Farmville Masterz, FarmVille Breeders Unite, Farmville Contest For Any Horse And Sharing, FarmVille English Countryside, Farmville Sharing Page, Farmville University, Mark Zuckerberg, Farmville Carnival Horse and Foal, Fv Gold Team, Anything for Farmville, Farmville World, Farmville foals and more, Farmville Fans, help create 400x400 in farmville you will recive 2000 farm cash and 400x400 land expansion, Farmville Rare Trees, The awesome cow-farmville, FarmVille Cows, FarmVille Sheep, Black Stallion, •.•.LOVE•12•7•.•., Chris's Rare Foals and Calfs, FarmVille Contest-rare things, Farmville heroes, 99999999999999999999999999999999, Zynga Games, Farmville breeders, Farmville Bonus, Next Target Foals, Manjunath Jagadish, Pogledajte šta je Lady Gaga izjavila za Bosnu i Hercegovinu! (SRAMOTA), Farmville Links, Zynga Inc., Get Mcdonald Unicorn For Free No Need To Spend Cash For Popping up Balloons, Farmville shares, FarmVılle Hayranları, Farmville Contesterz., Farmville Publishing Only Foals, NBA, Farmville mass neighbor adder!, FARMVILLE ADDICTION CLUB, All Foals Calfs and Seedlings, Farmville New Photos and problems discussion., Coca-Cola, Farmville Masters, Rare Calf and Foal, Farmville Rare Foal/Calf breeders, Stop limiting the number of friends we can send game gifts to each day!, Farmville : Like us on Facebook, Volim Te BIH!, Farmville Sharing, Gabriella's Latest Farmville, Farmville foals and stuff, Pegasus Horse, "Farmville link sharing + wishlist foals+ trees + contest", Stable Stunners, My FarmVille, FarmVille Masters,, FrontierVille Legend,, Tony De Angelis, Fv contests galore, We want Farmville to celebrate EID too, Farmville (Foals + Calf), Farmville Adoptables And Contests, DJ Pauly D, Farmville lost animal converter, Farmville Rare Trees, Farmville option to buy all things with Coins not FVcash, Free Online Games, Tips & Tricks for Games, Find and Prosecute the Asesino Knino / Murderer Knin Dog Torturer, Farmville Sharing, Farmers Lokos, Farmville hack updated version, Breed Loverz of Farmville, FV Contests, Indians Farmville stuff share, Farmville Breeding Centre, Farmville rare breeders, Farmville Fanatic, Farmville shering fan cows and more, TeamShubham, Farmville Stallion Riders, Foal Planet, Farmville Latest, Harvest Money Tree in Farmville (10 FarmCash minimum on harvest), FarmVille Sharing, Farm masters, MysteryGift, My PH Life, Lots of foals and more fun for all, FarmVille Rare Animals Collection,, Farmville Daily News, Farmville News, Farmville Updates, FarmVille Breeders Mania, Farmville Rare Foals Expert, Farmville Best Breeders, Rooster Helping Nation, FarmVille Neighbors, Farmville Wiki, Stable Stunners, Cockta, Farmville Bonus, Transfer Coins to Cash (FarmVille), YabaCool, FARMVILLE CHICKEN FEEDING & Fertilize crops, Play FarmVille, Bu Sayfaya Katılan Herkese 450 FvCash Hediye(Resmi Promosyon), Farm Bonuses, FarmVille Love,, Farmville Mast Dhammal and More, Farmville Items and others, Farmville Freak, BMW Motorrad, Vin Diesel, Farmville Bilgi Paylaşım, Morris The Cat, يوتيوب ◄◄◄ YouTube - WWe►►►, Farmville Items, Mr.Funny, Farmville, We Want Rainbow Cow., CR7, Social Game Central, Wild west horse, Mr. Bean, BMW, Fejsbuk, Facebook, YouTube,, 成龍 Jackie Chan, Farmville mates, FarmVille English Countryside, Cute Admins and Cute Foals & Calves, The Farmville Breeders, White Stallion., SETimes, FarmVille Bonus - Speed FW, Camaro Club of the Rockies, Farmville Cool, Add Farmville Neighbors, Add Neighbors, Mafia Wars

How to Report a malicious link or website that you get sent in chat or to your inbox or posted to your wall.

You can also go to the ScamVille group and report from there.

You can also go to the 4f group for more info.

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