Sunday, May 22, 2011

FarmVille Scam Alert. 997, Long list of new scams to report.

More scam pages sending out fake gifts to trick you into getting on their pages. Please REPORT these sites To zynga and Facebook. 

Farmville Items

Farmville Helper

The Farmville Breeders

Farmville Neighbors

Farmville ITEM Sharing

Farmville Breeders Unite

White Stallion

Farmville Neighbors

Farmville Latest Items

Master Farmers

Farmville Mania

Farmville Contest For Any Horse And Sharing

Farmville Freaks Unite 

Please report the maker of most of these scam pages,Farm King to zynga, He is either making them or apart of all the other scam groups making them. If you don’t report them to zynga and facebook they will never go away. Here is his link to Report.

Farm King (Naman Dhall)

Here is a list of a few of their new scam and fake gifts.

How to Report a malicious link or website that you get sent in chat or to your inbox or posted to your wall.






You can also go to the ScamVille group and report from there.

You can also go to the 4f group for more info.

You can also join and sign up for the play fair group.

Please join or cause to fight scams.

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